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Deepview AI Camera

Pioneering the AI Camera market

          Deepview offers a unique AI chip enabled intelligent camera system that allows for real time accurate inspection. The camera's software learns to sort out defective parts after being provided a labeled dataset of passing and failing parts. The neural networks can then be deployed to automate almost any visual inspection a human can do. The hardware/software is proven and in use with manufacturers on manual processes where defects are common. 

Made in USA

  • 9 USA Suppliers

  • Made in Michigan


AI Camera

  • MegaPixel Camera

  • 384 GPU Cores

All-In-ONE AI Machine Vision Camera

AI Software

  • Local Processing

  • AI Train & Deploy

Machine Vision AI Camera

Industrial Rated

  • Sealed Enclosure

  • M12 Connectors

Machine Vision AI Camera

PLC Support

  • EtherNet/IP

  • Profinet, 24V IO

Machine Vision AI Camera

Browser Setup

  • Train new jobs

  • Run production

On-camera deep learning

Camera Applications

Deepview Camera learns by example

Factory Smart Camera for Inspection


  • Fabric Classification

  • Paint Color match

  • Part Classification

AI Machine Vision


  • Assembly Verification

  • Metal Surfaces

  • Plastics Inspection

Detect Part Defects


  • Automotive Fasteners

  • Molded Plastics

  • Aluminum Castings

Train new jobs with Deepview browser app

Deep Learning App

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