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Deepview featured in Vision Systems Design

Smart camera includes server-level hardware for onboard neural network training

The DeepView AI X400 eliminates the need for external PC hardware

The DeepView AI X400 smart camera incorporates server-level hardware to allow onboard neural network training and the ability to run inspection applications on the camera itself. It includes 6 CPUs, a 400-core GPU, 2 AI accelerators, and 1 TB storage. According to the manufacturer, this allows the camera to store millions of images and/or thousands of jobs.

The camera utilizes a web browser-based interface. Google Chrome connects to the camera’s IP address and grants access to the image capture and labeling, neutral network training, and inspection job creation functions. This facilitates “train-on-the-fly” neural network improvement. The camera also features an IP54 industrial enclosure.

To Learn More:

Contact: DeepView AI Headquarters: Sterling Heights, MI, USA Product: DeepView AI X400 camera Key Features: 6 CPUs, 400-core GPU, 2 AI accelerators, 1 TB storage, onboard neural network training and job creation.

What DeepView AI says: View more information on the DeepView AI X400 camera.


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