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Enabling New Applications

Advanced Inspection for Plastics, Metals, Fabrics, Welds


Molded Plastics

  • Short Shots

  • Flash

  • Splay

Screwdriver Set

Metal Components

  • Fasteners

  • Washers

  • Castings


Surface Classification

  • Fabrics

  • Textures

  • Colors

Cylinder Head Welding

Weld Quality

  • Burn-through

  • Porosity

  • Off-location


Camera Setup - Job Types:

Vision Apps include Inspection, Sorting, Classification


For high-mix products including furniture, automotive interiors and exteriors, paint and more - classification gives you human-level sorting capability in a smart camera format.

PASS Detection

For verifying assembly of complex parts, including circuit boards, automotive interior clips, logistics, and more - pass detection verifies part presence as well as part location and part count within the camera's field of view.


FAIL Detection

Inspection of surface defects in plastic and metal manufcaturing previously required high-cost manual sorting. Deepview's anomaly detection now enables these surface inspections to be automated using human-level inspection capability.

Multi-Class Detection

Multi-class detection combines Classification and Detection. For example, box-detection for 6 types of common anomalies in steel surfaces. The user can also define a region of interest and place crops to optionally constrain analysis to certain areas of complex parts.

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