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Deepview partners with renowned automotive integrator USS Vision

Michigan Vision Manufacturer Enters Strategic Agreement with World Class System Integrator USS Vision

Deepview Corp, a Mt. Clemens MI based camera manufacturer, today announced it signed USS Vision, a global provider of Machine Vision Inspection and Quality Improvement solutions, products, and training, as an official Partner Integrator for DeepView Corporation’s AI Smart Cameras.

USS, the largest DVT integrator in the world 2003-2006, has a long and rich history as a preferred integrator, strong relationships with automotive OEM’S and offers a broad array of inspection scanning, and integration products and services to customers in the automotive, packaging, food, medical, pharmaceutical, and industrial verticals.

Justin Weber, CEO of USS Vision: “We have customer demand for a reasonably priced and easily deployed machine learning camera with an intuitive interface.”

The partnership with USS Vision is DeepView Corp’s first commitment to an integration partner to date. VP of Sales Andy Reed: “USS has been a market leader for vision integration since they were awarded the GM NACCL in 2003, the GM GACCL in 2008, standardized systems for exterior ornamentation inspection at Stellantis since 2015, and currently rolling out industry leading split detection systems for Ford Stamping in 2021. USS Visions’ long history of success in designing, building, deploying, and supporting a global network of camera-based solutions was a key factor in DeepView’s selection as a first choice for Partner Integrator. (DVT-PI)

About USS Vision

USS Vision has been in business for over 20 years and is AIA Advanced Certified. USS is Headquartered in Livonia, Michigan, and has remote support in Memphis, Chicago, and Saltillo, Mexico. USS products Multi-View™, Surface Scan™, and Exact Scan™ were born from the creativity of their team seeking ways to reduce manufactures’ costs while assuring improved quality. USS Vision provides complete turnkey vision solutions in addition to their broad array of product and service offerings. For more information, visit

About DeepView Corp.

DeepView Corp. was incorporated in 2019, a division of Automotive Dynamics Corp. DeepView was formed as a product development and engineering solutions entity, with core focus on Machine Vision Products and Engineered Solutions.

DeepView is dedicated to a “homegrown” approach by keeping all of its’ product design, build, and sourcing in Michigan. DeepView Corp’s introductory Product, the X-Series AI Smart Camera, supports both industrial and commercial applications

For more information, visit / or call +1 248.817.4632

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