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Deepview - About

Our mission is to improve quality and lower cost for manufacturers with automated visual inspection. 

>> Founded in 2019
>> Michigan-based
>> Made in the USA
>> Automated Inspection

Deepview - About

Deepview Corp. was founded in November 2019 by Jeff Davis and Eli Davis as an internal start-up within Automotive Dynamics Corp. in Sterling Heights, Michigan

With a background in machine learning and analytics for aircraft flight data, the Deepview team sought to come to market with a smart camera featuring all-in-one deep learning for visual inspection - image capture, labelling, neural network training, and production inspection.

On August 28, 2021, Deepview publicly launched at the Advanced Manufacturing Expo in Grand Rapids, MI. Following two years of development and testing with partner Industrial Control, Deepview is now in serial production. To see how Deepview visual inspection can improve quality & lower cost for manufacturers, schedule a demo today.

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