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Deepview X400 Camera

$12,500 + Free Software

The Deepview X400 Camera is a high-performance fully integrated machine vision system equipped with a 1.2 Megapixel CMOS sensor capable of either color or monochrome imaging.  It integrates an NVIDIA Volta™ GPU, a 6-core CPU, and 8GB of DDR4 RAM, enabling the execution of advanced deep learning algorithms for real-time image analysis and pass/fail inspections. The system offers 1TB of storage for extensive image history and supports a cycle time of 150 ms. It is designed for visual inspection on production lines and integrates seamlessly with PLC EtherNet/IP systems. The X400 is accessible via a web app and browser interface, simplifying setup and use.

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User Manual

High-Performance imaging

1.2 Megapixel sensor for quality lightweight images

AI-Powered Processing

Embedded NVIDIA™ GPU and CPU for real-time analysis.

Large Storage Capacity

1TB storage for extensive image history

Fast Cycle Time

150 ms cycle time for efficient operations

Easy Integration

PC EtherNet / IP compatibility for seamless system integration


Image Capture

Seamlessly capture and store sample images on the same device. 

Equipped with a 1TB SSD, the X400 Camera offers extensive storage that supports a continuously improving machine vision system.

The images and software are accessible via a browser-based web interface.

Application Development

In the same interface, label sample images as 'pass' or 'fail' to train the embedded neural network to identify production defects.
The advanced neural network continuously adapts, allowing it to detect even the slightest imperfections that typically go unnoticed by standard machine vision systems. This capability ensures enhanced quality control in real-time.


Production Install

The X400 Camera easily integrates into production environments with full PLC integration.

Deepview offers support for the lifetime of your product, from initial install and application development, to run-off and production support.

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