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The Deepview X400 Server is a powerful industrial PC capable of advanced neural network image detection. It integrates an NVIDIA GPU and 8GB of DDR4 RAM, enabling the execution of advanced deep learning algorithms for real-time image analysis and pass/fail inspections. The compact and fanless design ensures convenient and discrete placement on any DIN rail system and can natively support Allied Vision USB and Basler GigE cameras. Additional USB and GigE camera support, as well as a 4 or 8 camera module, are available upon request. 

Deepview X400 Server

$12,500 + Free Software

AI-Powered Processing

Embedded NVIDIA™ GPU + CPU for real-time analysis

Built-in Deep Learning

All Vision Processing takes place on-server

DIN Rail Mount

Fanless, rugged construction for industrial environments

Searchable Image History

1TB storage for traceability by date and serial number

PLC Connectivity

PLC Integration + Built-in GigE/USB Camera support


Image Processing

Equipped with NVIDIA GPU and 1TB SSD, the X400 Server offers self-contained vision processing with native GigE/USB Camera support.

The X400 system includes advanced deep learning software included at no additional cost. From a connected browser, the software supports application development, PLC communications, and production cycle times of <150ms.

Application Development

For application setup, capture 20+ sample images of each failure mode. Within each image the user annotates the failure mode with our built-in labeling tool. This trains the system from human expertise.

Once the library of images is complete, a deep learning model is trained and deployed to production for real-time quality control. 


The X400 system includes DIN Rail Mount, PLC Communications, and GigE/USB Camera support. We also offer installation support to deliver an overall turnkey solution to each customer.

We partner with the production team to  ensure high up-time and repeatability. As with FANUC, we offer lifetime support for each system sold.

Service First

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